myTrip is our new app which provides mobile ticketing, live bus tracking information and live passenger levels on board each bus.

myTrip is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store .

Live Tracking & Passenger Levels:
MyTrip shows where each bus is and how busy it is

Follow the steps below to find out which buses use a stop, where a bus is and how busy it is.

We also have the ability to provide our customers with a link to a dedicated page, password protected if need be, at no extra charge whatsoever.
Simply ask when booking one of our coaches, or up to a few days in advance of your booking, and we'll tell which link your hire will appear on.

We also provide live tracking information for all our bus services. Use the mobile version of this website which will load on any suitable device.

To see where our buses are in real time click on the links below -

101 Haddington Town Service

108 Haddington to Fort Kinnaird

109 Humbie/Tranent to Haddington

110 Elphinstone to Prestonpans

110A Elphinstone to Fort Kinnaird

111 Haddington to Royal Infirmary

118 Seton Sands to Fort Kinnaird & Royal Infirmary

122 Gullane Circle

Coach Hire

Special Event

This page explains how to get the most from our 'Live Tracking' system

Please be aware that due to the rural nature of our routes that it can sometimes take a few minutes
to update the position of the bus and that not all stops are served on every journey and at certain
times a different route may be used. Please refer to timetable

For a further information on how to use the system click on the images below.

Once our App is open tap on 'Live Bus Tracker' and then select the route you wish to track.

Most routes use use more than one bus during the day and all buses on a route will be shown at the same time.

We recommend that the 'Follow' box in the bottom left hand corner is unticked.

With the 'Follow' box unticked you can zoom in on the bus or area you want to see.

Tap the bus to see it's last recorded position, depending on signal strength it can sometimes take a few minutes to update.

Tapping the blue 'Bus Stop' marker will bring up timetable information for that stop.

Out with hours of operation this message will be displayed.